Adept Response AC conditioners will lift the performance of your system to the next level.

AR6TAdept Response aR12-TS :
Talk about a velvety black background! GAWD! Beyond that, the improvements come in a more subtle and nuanced manner—slightly creamier tonal texture, better focus of instrumental voices—both in portraying individual size and physical location—and a somewhat heightened or more apparent sense of drive and pace. Overall, the result is even more of that wonderful transparency that the aR12-T ushered in. All these newly elevated attributes combine to offer an even more coherent presentation over all. All in all, the Audience aR12-TS represents a significant advance upon an already very significant product. … While I couldn’t have asked for a more effectual AC supply conditioner than the aR12-T, the posse at Audience has somehow managed to heap significant improve upon their already benchmark product. Those guys never cease to amaze me… and the new aR12-TS is most ENTHUSIASTICALLY and musically recommended.” — Positive Feedback.

Adept Response aR6-TSS:
If you need power conditioning, then this is the best I’ve heard.” —

If you’re in the market for line conditioning, I think you ought to take a serious look at this one. There can be differences in performance depending on the system and the nature of the power in your own region, but for me, it was a no-brainer. Like TAS editor Robert Harley once said to me, “You need a power conditioner.” I have one now. It’s the Audiennce aR6-TSS.” — The Absolute Sound.

Going from no power conditioner to the aR6-TS was such a revelation that it was difficult to believe that a mere power conditioner could make such a huge improvement. If you think your system already sounds as good as it can, you might find it hard to believe what an Audience aR6-TS can do for it. And if you’ve used a power conditioner before and heard little or no change in sound quality, well, I’ve been there many times with many such products. The Audience TS-series models are different. If you already have an aR6-T, you’ll find the aR6-TS a significant, very surprising, very worthwhile upgrade. If your budget can handle it, spending $5000 (base price) to $7550 (with extra filter and Au24 powerChord) on an aR6-TS might just make the biggest overall improvement in sound you can get for that kind of money.” — Ultra Audio.

Les cellules Soundsmith

sussurro_beauty_waterLa société Soundsmith est située dans le comté de Westchester, à New York, depuis plus de 35 ans. Peter Ledermann, le président et fondateur se consacre maintenant à plein temps aux produits Soundsmith, développant et inventant de nouveaux concepts dont les cellules et étages commercialisés sous le nom de cette marque.

Il est tout à fait reconnu que les cellules haut de gamme étant de petits bijoux de mécaniques fabriqués à la mai. Chez Soundsmith, toutes les cellules, de l’Otello à l’Hyperion, sont soigneusement construites manuellement, elles sont ensuite toutes testées une par une, et les performances sont scrupuleusement relevées. Celles qui répondent ou dépassent les spécifications sont vendues. Mais il y a toujours quelques unités qui ne répondent pas aux critères techniques souhaités. Elles ne sont tout simplement pas mises en vente et, donc passent au pilon (mais certaines parties sont réutilisées).

In short, this is one of the handful of high-end products so good and so different, it really is worth serious travel to hear.” The Absolute Sound.

Thanks to its level of performance, hand built quality and the ease that it can be incorporated into a wide range of systems, we are awarding The Voice our Product of the Year award in the analog category. I can’t think of a cartridge in this price category that is more true to the music and even when comparing it to the stratoshperic cartridges, The Voice still holds its own.” Tone Audio.You’ll also experience a big, vibrant, dramatic, well-focused, well-organized sound that will never let you down, regardless of your musical tastes… The cartridge is a bargain at $750. It would be a good value at $1000.” Stereophile Recommended Components.There’s something so alive sounding about a good moving coil cartridge. On the other hand, good moving magnet and moving iron cartridges like a Shure or Grado sound so correct and are also great trackers. The Voices comes closer than any cartridge I have ever heard at doing both. It is without a doubt the best non-moving coil cartridge I have heard and I would rank it in the top five of any cartridges I have ever heard.” Dagogo.