“It saved him”

Hello et bonjour,

Let’s admit it: we are all virgins. That’s right. This is my virgin voyage into the world of blogging. I keep on being pulled in the direction of an experience that I have had with a client and the words he had expressed to me about music and the listening enjoyment of music that touched me deeply and vindicated me being in this profession.

Looking back on one’s life, we can string together times, people, events that have brought us to where we are today.

In my teenage years, I would listen to a large European table top radio to CHOM and be seduced by the rock music of the 70’s. I would put my ear up to the speaker the hear every last bit of definition that radio could muster. I would be in another world. Later on when I had my first decent sound system (Thorens TD126 mk111, Conrad Johnson tube preamp, Accustat X tube amp self powered electrostatic speakers) I discovered that my moods, feelings, and room atmosphere were and could be altered by the music I played. This brings me to my point. This aforementioned client is a native Canadian and a distinguished gentleman, audiophile and a lover of music. After a few transactions, he confided in me that a few years ago, his wife had passed on and he was alone, and very sad but he was drawn to listening to music and in his words, “it saved him”. The man impressed me with his confidence honesty and open forthright manner when he opened up his inner self to me. “It saved him”. With all of life’s ups and downs, what a powerful tool music can be to get you through the good times and bad.

Well that’s it. My message in this bottle: listen to music that you like and let it take you to a higher plain. It makes life so much more enjoyable when it is interwoven through our day.

Until next time