La Spendor D7 continue de récolter les éloges

La Spendor D7 est accordée “2016 Editor’s Choice Award” par le magazine américain The Absolute Sound.

D7_bb_SDSpendor’s neo-classic 48″ tower is superbly finished, and sonically offers up-front energy, near full-range frequency response, and high dynamic potency. On balance and to the D7’s credit, it sounds much closer to a true three-way than to a 2.5-way in that it maintains a near constant level of tonal stability and dynamic drive through the midband—a feat that most 2.5-ways struggle to achieve. It’s the rare loudspeaker at any price that touches all the bases for every set of ears, but the reasonably priced D7 comes very close in many areas. — The Absolute Sound, Editor’s Choice Awards 2016