Superbe intégré d’entrée de gamme de Rega

Le tout nouvel amplificateur intégré Rega IO est conçu pour tout les mélomanes. La taille compacte lui permet d’être utilisé dans une variété de systèmes et offre une performance bien au-delà de son prix. Comme vous vous en doutez, il y a un étage phono MM (aimant mobile) intégré de haute qualité, deux entrées de niveau ligne, une mini-télécommande redessinée et une sortie casque de haute qualité qui est intelligemment intégrée pour offrir des performances optimales sans compromettre le circuit audio. Toutes ces fonctionnalités se combinent pour offrir une performance musicale excitante et bien équilibrée à un prix incroyable.

“The Rega io is so good, one is tempted to summon up a cauldron full of well-worn audiophile clichés. While it is excellent at first listen, the toughest part of reviewing a component offering such a high level of performance is that it begs being connected to much more expensive ancillaries to experience the depth of its true capabilities. You could grab a pair of budget speakers and a thrift shop turntable and live happily ever after with the io, but like that other legend from the UK, don’t be surprised to see this one in the company of much more expensive components. Watch for the audio forums of 2050 to speak of this amplifier in hushed reverence.Of course, the io is worthy of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2020, but that doesn’t truly explain a product that gets the essence of the music so right. Audiophiles beginning their journey here may be spoiled for a very long time. I need one!” — Tone Publications

“From the first bars of music it is clear that the io is something rather special. With any budget amplifier there is always a sense of trepidation when waiting to see what the first notes will bring. While many are fun to listen to, they can be a little over exuberant at times. This never falls into this trap and, as a result, has the character of something you would expect to be rather more expensive.The smoothness and lack of sibilance, even in lesser recordings,is the real prize here, io has the feel of something much more expensive than its price tag suggests” — Hi Fi Choice

“Simple, but no less successful for that; this is yet another superb-sounding Rega amp.” — What Hi-Fi

Prix suggéré : $849