Une autre critique élogieuse pour l’InnuOS Zenith mkII

Voici la conclusion du banc d’essai apparu ce mois-ci dans le magazine web sixmoons.com : 

“With their flagship Zenith MkII, …Innuos has a music server/player that’s very solidly made, attractively styled, super fast due to its SSD and a poster child for user friendliness and intuitive use. Particularly the browser interface makes chores like tags, rips, imports and backup scheduling easy as pie. This should be the gold standard. The playback apps I sampled followed suit, including integration with Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz. The integral UPnP server supports multi-room and streaming configurations from Naim, Linn, Moon Mind, B&O, Denon Heos & Co and one button press can even sync the Innuos library with Sonos. Many audiophiles will predominantly rely on player mode as the direct USB connection with a DAC. That interface was executed very well. And… From a sonic perspective, as part of a quality system that’s transparent and highly resolved, a digital transport to stream audio files from makes a difference. Here the Zenith MkII did a terrific job as a career audiophile of purist leanings: tonally neutral, ultra resolved, rhythmically in the pocket and spatially dimensional. At its price, I’m not aware of competitors which objectively would be “more correct” … Chapeau time! Where total packaging is concerned (fit’n’finish, ease of use, sheer access speed and sound), the Innuos ties it up with a bow”. — sixmoons.com