Harbeth Monitor 30.1

monitor-30-cherry-2Harbeth est synonyme à travers le monde de son fidèle de très grande qualité et surtout d’un très grand naturel dans la reproduction musicale… Fluidité et naturel avec une qualité de timbres se rapprochant toujours de la musique vivante… Dès le départ Harbeth a toujours innové sur deux points essentiels : utiliser de nouveaux matériaux offrants le moins de coloration possible et l’étude de filtres sophistiqués apportant un grand respect de la phase ( image réaliste et absence de son de boite ). Conçu pour remplacer le BBC LS3/9, le Monitor 30.1 bénificie du nouveau grave/médium RADIAL2 et offre une amélioration considérable de résolution et intégration sonore et offre une performance médium parfaitement neutre du Monitor 40.1 avec lequel il partage les mêmes deux enceintes supérieures et donc aussi le son. Prix suggéré : $4999./pr

” …the Monitor 30.1 produced “ravishing” midrange texture, tonality, and resolution…”Stereophile, Class A Recommended Component.

“The new version of Alan Shaw’s Harbeth Monitor 30.1, which I am reviewing now, is the best compact two-way speaker system I have ever heard, regardless of design type, cost, or complexity. It’s an updated version of the original Monitor 30, a speaker that was so good that improvement was difficult within the terms of its brief, which is a speaker made to a certain size so that it can be used in various professional setups where high accuracy in a not-large enclose is required. I put it that way to emphasize that the Monitor 30.1 is not a mini-monitor; rather it is somewhat smaller than the standard two‑cubic-foot enclosures long regarded as the norm for home listening. As befits its monitor status, the 30.1 boasts high neutrality, low coloration, low distortion, and a matching of drivers that is equaled in my experience to of dynamic loudspeakers only by Shaw’s flagship, the Monitor 40. This thing speaks with one voice in a way reminiscent of Quad ESLs, and it is of similar low coloration, neutrality, and musical authority. The Monitor 30.1 is a constant joy and pleasure to listen to, consummately natural, unbelievably beautiful. It is highly revealing, yet owing to its natural tonal balance it doesn’t accentuate the bad qualities of bad recordings, which in effect it makes them much easier to listen to, while good recordings come through without editorializing. This is a reference-caliber speaker that is also gloriously musical.”The Absolute Sound.