Martin Logan

ML-Montis1Les panneaux électrostatiques du célebre constructeur américan Martin Logan sont maintenant disponible chez Codell Audio. Basé dans l’état de Missouri, Martin Logan est considéré comme le plus grand spécialiste des enceintes électrostatiques. Le modèle Ethos, somme de nouvelles technologies sonores avancées et inédites, ouvre une nouvelle voie en matière de conception audiophile. Descendante des fabuleuses MartinLogan CLX, l’Ethos utilise la technologie électrostatique avancée XStat associée à un filtre Vojtko exclusif, atteignant ainsi de nouveaux sommets de transparence sonore, de dynamique et de précision. Son woofer PoweredForce ultra dynamique, couplé à un radiateur passif utilisant un processeur 24-bit “Vojtko Digital Signal Processing Engine” et un puissant amplificateur de 200 watt en classe D, génère une précision, une extension et une dynamique de grave phénoménale jusqu’à 34 Hz.

The Ethos is an exceptional speaker and a bargain at its price. This speaker does so much, so well, it’s incredible. It does so much, at such high standards; excellent integration of woofer to panel, seamless and world-class midrange and treble, excellent soundstage and a most articulate, clear, transparent sound while at the same time, being sweet, musical, life-like, and musically engaging. And the tonal balance is also spot-on. I have to tell you, when MartinLogan finally asked me to return the Ethos to their factory after a very generous amount of review time, thank you MartinLogan, it was the hardest piece of equipment I have received or reviewed to “let go” of. Within two days, I sent an email to Mark Aling and Erin Philips stating I was suffering from “MartinLogan withdrawal anxiety” and the only cure for that illness was for them to send me another MartinLogan product to review, preferably the Summit X. I’m waiting, Mark! I got it bad. For all the above reasons I’ve stated in this review, the Ethos is a first-class product that will bring joy, emotional satisfaction, and the inner soul cleansing that music can bring. Bottom line, this is one phenomenal loudspeaker and a good-looking one, to boot. What a deal! And speaking of deals, it a great deal considering its price, too.”

Considering that the Ethos is one of the most musically satisfying speakers I’ve heard in my room, I also have to say that, at $6495, it’s a flat-out bargain. Buy a pair if you can swing it. …the Ethos offers a startling musical experience and one you should try to hear if you can. In important ways this is one of the best loudspeakers on the market and, in some senses, a snip at the price.” — Hi-Fi World.

Martin Logan’s XStat panel in the Ethos is probably the best electrostatic driver I have ever heard, and this alone hoists it way up above most other loudspeakers. ” —