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  • iFi Audio Micro iDSD

The micro iDSD is the only DAC to play True Native Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD. With its special Dual-Core Burr-Brown native DSD/PCM chipset at the heart, the micro iDSD is capable of playing PCM768, Octa-Speed DSD512 and 2x DXD files natively. Its 8v/4000mW output makes it one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers to drive even the most hungry of headphones with ease. Capable of 4000mW, 1000mW or 250mW, the micro iDSD is able to drive the full gamut of headphone and amplifiers alike. SmartPower® is the micro iDSD’s onboard recharging feature for Smartdevices, so no worrying about the phone going flat while listening to your favorite music. The micro iDSD, also features XBass and 3D Holographic for Headphones and Speakers.

"As this month is Enjoy the's annual Blue Note Awards, am sure you can already tell that the iFi Audio Micro iDSD has earned not just my highest of respect, but my personal fave award for best portable DAC/amp combo too! For only $499 the iFi Audio Micro iDSD delivers and incredible value, can handle every conceivable digital music file type today and for the foreseeable future for many years to come. You also get a variety of settings for filtering, XBass, 3D Holography, variable amplification output setting, plenty of amplifier power and it can even charge your USB-powered device too! It can also serve as a headphone amplifier and as an external DAC for your high fidelity audio system. The bottom line here is that it will be very hard for any such unit in the years to come to sound better while also providing so many features at this price. In this word of disposable and cheaply made audio devices, I foresee the iFi Audio Micro iDSD unit being one of those products you will be gladly using 10 years from now. A decade from today it should still handle everything you can throw out it from modern digital music files, an external DAC, plus handle everything from custom IEMs and those hard-to-drive planar magnetic headphones too. Smart audiophiles can stop wasting their hard earned cash with typical DAC-of-the-month products and instead get a device that can keep them happily enjoying the music today and for many years to come. As always, in the end what really matters is that you..." —

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iFi Audio Micro iDSD

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