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The Chord Mojo is a high quality DAC/Headphone Amplifier for your smartphone. Designed and built in England, the portable Mojo brings studio quality sound to your pocket. The Mojo is based on Chord's multi-award winning Hugo platform. It's powerful headphone amplifier will drive most headphones while it's DAC is compatible with audio files up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256. Mojo's internal batteries will give between eight to ten hours of continuous use.

"Technologically, Mojo is all but untouchable. Whilst there are other DACs with better figures, they are all mains powered and cost around ten times more. Most portable audio DACs fall well below Mojo: they are a whole step down in quality. That positions Mojo in the current market. It's quite a place to be. With fabulous sound quality – big, open and powerful – plus the ability to control and drive even the most difficult Planar Magnetic headphones, Mojo is a DAC that sweeps the floor with all else. And you can use it in your hi-fi system too... This isn't a DAC you can miss." — Hi-Fi World

"How Chord has packed so much tech and wrung such astounding performance from such a small package is somewhat of a modern tech miracle. Well, no miracle but damn clever engineering, built in Britain by designers dedicated to the advancement of digital technology. And I have to say it: the performance/price ratio here is extremely high. Add to that the funky design and high build quality and I consider Mojo a mo-freakin' bargain. So yeah, in a sea of 'same', this one stands out. Music playback in the 21st century has found its Mojo." —

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Chord Electronics Mojo

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