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  • Chord Hugo 2

The Chord Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original Hugo. It is designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology. It features all new casework, flexbile new features, plus next-generation technical and sonic performance. Inside the Hugo 2 is the latest FPGA and advanced Watts Transient Aligned filters that bring performance gains in timing accuracy, noise reduction, headphone amp power, and dynamic range. For headphones users, the Chord Hugo 2 keeps the popular digital cross-feed function from the previous model and offers three operation modes from its dedicated control sphere. The system cross-feeds a partial 400 millisecond-delayed and shaped signal from the left and right output to the opposite channel, and thanks to advanced binaural audio research, can duplicate the effect of listening to speakers. The battery playing time is around seven hours and two modes of automatic charging are now included using the dedicated Micro USB charging port.

The Hugo 2 offers four digital inputs: optical, coaxial, HD USB, and Bluetooth. Each input supports high-resolution file playback up to 768kHz and DSD512 support. With new laser-ablated function-lettering on the connections and switches, using the Hugo 2 to select input, switch filters, and change other settings has been made much easier.




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Chord Hugo 2

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