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  • Sbooster BOTW Mark II

Sbooster power supplies incorporate a dual stage mains filter, including ground line filter, so the custom toroidal transformer with electrostatic shield receives power that’s free from high frequency pollution. Their innovative circuits have been designed to deliver 50 % more power and waste up to 35 % less power than conventional designs. The output cable uses a unique “split current” system that ensures an extra buffer from which huge transients can be drawn. There’s a final filter stage in it also. Because of the six tips for the DC output cable, an easy interface with nearly all equipment is ensured. You can choose from 11 different output voltages, incorporated in 6 different power supplies.

Sbooster BOTW power supplies will improve the improve the performance from several products from: Antelope Audio, Antipodes, Apogee, Arcam, Audio Engine, Auralic, Bel Canto, Beresford, Bryston, Cambridge, Chord Electronics, Dynaudio, Dynavector, Graham Slee, iFi Audio, Innuos, Lindemann, Logitech, Lumin, M2Tech, Martin Logan, Meridian, Moon, Musical Fidelity, Naim, Pathos, Pro-Ject, SOtM, Wadia, Weiss, Wyre4sound.

“Toward the end of this review, Mark sent a new Sbooster PSU for me to try. He claimed that the sound of the (Lumin) D1 with the Sbooster would elevate performance levels to new heights. Boy, was he right. With the Sbooster powering the tiny D1, two features of the sound stood out in stark relief.

First, the sound became more relaxed. By “relaxed” I do not mean to imply a softening of musical transients. Instead, the Sbooster allowed the D1 to reproduce musical transients and decays in a more natural, fluid, and convincing way. Coherence, cohesion, tonal suppleness, and instrumental warmth all increased noticeably. Stated another way, I found it easier to step into and lose myself in the performance. Second, soundstage depth and imaging specificity dramatically improved. Without the Sbooster, the D1 produced airy images that seemed to float ethereally, but without much in the way of stage depth. With the Sbooster doing the driving, instruments and voices gained in solidity and three-dimensionality. Soundstage depth cues improved markedly, as did my ability to discern the placement of instruments and voices within the recorded stage. This newfound solidity had the net effect of heightening the sense of overall musical realism and involvement.”  —

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Sbooster BOTW Mark II

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