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  • Resonessence Labs Invicta

The Invicta is Resonessence Labs outstanding DAC/Headphone amplifier. It features USB Audio 2.0/1.0, DSD(64 & 128) over USB, SPDIF and the unique SDCard reader are provided. The SDCard supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC and DSD(64 & 128) files in DFF and DSF format. Input data rates up to 384kS/s. Includes Resonessence proprietary filters.


  • All PCBs have been revised based on our experience with the production of INVICTA over the past two years.
  • The Headphone output is now generated by the ESS Sabre DAC ES9018 rather than the ES9016 of the first generation.
  • The front panel is modified to show additional high sample rate LEDs.
  • DSD (both 64 and 128) is now supported: you can use USB or the SD Card as the data source for DSD programs. We support DFF and DSF formats on the SD Card.
  • We have doubled the sample rate: you may now provide audio data at up to 384kS/S.
  • The front panel and the cover are redesigned to highlight the DSD capability and reduce the internal temperature.
  • We have added a slot in the front panel to increase the IR sensitivity
  • The unit now operates with the Apple Remote Control
  • A cosmetic upgrade: the OLED Display is now white rather than the original blue color.
"You might come away from this review thinking that I feel that the Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus DAC is very near perfect. I’m not sure I can say that... While I can’t guarantee that the Invicta Mirus will trounce DACs costing multiples of its price, I’ve not heard anything in my system, or at a show or dealer, that would lead me to believe that it’s not at least fully competitive with anything, at any price, on the market today. As I listened to it in my system, the sound wanted for nothing -- and I was mesmerized by how the Mirus was able to fully reveal the spatial qualities of live recordings. Unless you’re the type of audiophile who needs a huge, gleaming chassis in your system -- or several of them -- look no further than this little puppy for all your digital needs. Regardless of the pedigree of the rest of your gear, the Resonessence Invicta Mirus will fit in just fine." —

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Resonessence Labs Invicta

  • $5,595

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