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  • Resonessence Labs Concero HD

CONCERO HD connects the Resonessence upgradable FPGA based DSP engine to the new 32bit ESS ES9018-2M Sabre DAC for high performance, high sample-rate PCM up to DXD rates (352.8kS/s) from the USB Audio 2.0 port. In addition, it also contains the Resonessence 4x up-sampling filters that will accept 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s data streams from USB or S/PDIF and convert them to 176.4kS/s and 192kS/s respectively. CONCERO HD activates the ES9018-2M’s internal DSD processing engine to support Direct Stream Digital (DSD64 and DSD128) from the USB Audio 2.0 port using DoP standard version 1.1. CONCERO HD can operate as a USB to S/PDIF bridge in all modes except the DSD128 mode (that more would result in an S/PDIF stream data rate that exceeds the S/PDIF specification. DSD64 however does work, DoP data packets are send out on the S/PDIF in that mode). CONCERO HD is designed from the ground up to deliver on the promise of Direct Stream Digital in addition to high sample rate PCM. It brings the latest ESS Sabre DAC chips and the latest standards in audio processing to your existing power amplifier and loudspeaker configurations.

"I could easily live with the Concero as a long-term decoder; its eloquence and articulation of musical spirit is simply terrific.  Selectable filters lift its flexibility when applied to different music genres (and listener mood) whilst the USB bridge operation is up there with the best of them at this price point. For those wondering: yes, the Concero is a superior-sounding unit to the Schiit Modi.  It offers more refinement and tonal depth.  Modi aside, I can think of no greater bang-for-buck currently available in the budget digital space.  Hands down a triumph of innovation and sonic flair, Resonessence Labs’ CONCERO exceeds expectations by a healthy margin and then some." — ToneAudio

To summarize, based on all the entry level DACs that I have heard, to my ears, the Concero is one of the class leaders in terms of performance, build quality and value at its price point. If that is not enough reason to short list it if you are looking for a budget priced DAC, it can also morph into a high quality USB to S/PDIF bridge with two modes of up-sampling which will allow you to consider even non-USB compatible DACs when you feel the urge or the need for a DAC upgrade." —

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Resonessence Labs Concero HD

  • $950

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