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  • Antipodes DS Base 1TB

Floor model — Condition: 9/10 — Color: Silver.  

The Antipodes DS is a high quality Music server/CD ripper/Network player. It will automatically rip your CDs, and stores them in uncompressed, lossless flac format. The DS can play almost any format, including wav, aiff, flac, alac, mp3, aac, ogg, etc; PCM to 32bit/384kHz & DSD64, DSD128 using DoP; and playback is bit-perfect. Back up software is included in order to save your librairy to an external USB hard drive. The Antipodes DS can be used two ways. It can act as a conventional music server, outputting files through its high quality USB audio output to your USB DAC. But it can also act as a DLNA server and feed your network player of choice. Furthermore, the DS is compatible with internet music services such as Spotify and TIDAL. 

"The notion that “bits is bits” was destroyed by the Antipodes DS. I suddenly felt sad. I’ve ripped and sold 1000s of CDs via the Macbook/WD combo… I never realized a server could translate this level of resolution along with the DS’ most impressive trick: its ability to recreate the true depth, width and height of the recording’s soundstage as originally created by the recording engineer and producer. The DS’ immersive soundstage was truly a revelation, and a great musical joy. …There was simply more music and apparently less noise coming through. …The Antipodes DS delivered the promise of digital as I’d never heard before. Well-recorded CDs became extraordinary sounding FLAC rips. The sound was organic, present, tonally-rich, extremely dynamic, resolving, sweet and organic. This was no case of upper frequency enhancement at the expense of low frequency warmth; the Antipodes simply brought more music to the table. The cliché of “hearing my CD collection anew” was in full effect. ..The Antipodes DS is a supreme achievement." — Digital Audio Review.

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Antipodes DS Base 1TB

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