Gryphon Audio Designs : Exceptionnel !

En 2020, Gryphon Audio fêtera 35 ans d’exploration et d’innovation. Bien connue comme l’une des marques haut de gamme les plus influentes au monde, le nom Gryphon étant depuis longtemps établi comme l’un des «grands noms» du marché audio d’exception. Tous les produits Gryphon Audio sont à la fois conçus et fabriqués au Danemark. L’objectif principal du «sans compromis» est resté depuis le premier design original de Gryphon.

“Gryphon Audio’s Diablo 300 brings music into my humble home in a way that is both realistic and emotionally captivating.If there is a secret underpinning and meaning to this review, it is the sense of true human connection, and emotional release when the music is over. There’s an afterglow of immense pleasure, which is why many of us seek out only the finest of high-end audio gear coupled with the best recordings. There are very few high-end audio systems that can successfully navigate, with ease, all styles of music at every volume level. Gryphon Audio produces some of the very best audio systems within the world. While this review concerns their Diablo 300 integrated amplifier with DAC, having heard a variety of complete audio systems by the company only reinforces my decision that when I win the lotto or IPO, a compete Gryphon Audio system may one day fill my home. Odds are this is not your first review of the Gryphon Audio Diablo 300, and after reading a few by other respected reviewers we all seen to agree this incredible integrated amplifier is a true prized passionate possession you need to have within your home. ” — Enjoy the

“Gryphon Diablo 300 stands out on so many grounds that it’s not even funny. Its appearance on the market hit everybody with the impact of the Thor’s fist. I’m sure that many of the competitive brands are still lingering from the intitial smack, while Gryphon is taking the orders. …It’s easy to make music sound like a complex sum of many parts or sound particles. Combining everything into a musical representation of something much more sublime and emotionally enriched belongs to a completely different cxamp. This is something that many high end companies are failing to understand and bring with their products, and this is where Gryphon Audio Diablo 300 comes with a grand “bitch” slap that will linger for the years to come.” — Mono&

Prix suggéré :
Diablo 120 : $13,995
Diablo 300 : $22,695