Rega arrive chez Codell Audio !

Codell Audio est fier d’annoncer que nous sommes maintenant un revendeur officiel des produits Rega! Nous avons toujours eu un grand respect pour les produits Rega en raison de leur rapport qualité-prix exceptionnel et de leur performance sonore envoûtante.

La compagnie fut créée en 1973 et est toujours dirigée par son fondateur, Roy Gandy. Le but de Rega est, et a toujours été, de fabriquer des produits fiables et de haute qualité qui reproduisent fidèlement la musique et ce, à des prix raisonnables. Pour atteindre ce but, la compagnie investit des sommes importantes dans la recherche et développement ainsi que dans de nouvelles techniques de reproduction.

Tous les produits Rega sont fièrement assemblés en Angleterre par des techniciens hautement qualifiés.

“Frankly, the RP10 is not only the best Rega I’ve tested but one of the best bar none, irrespective of price”.— Hi-Fi News August 2015 Outstanding Product Award.

“There is no record player that times better than the RP10 with Apheta cartridge, and few that reveal as much detail or have the same dynamic range. I have been reviewing turntables for nearly 30 years, and this combination is a game-changer for me. The fact that I can almost afford it is merely icing on a particularly wonderful musical cake.”— The Ear

“We think this new version is the best RP3 yet, adding extra servings of clarity, precision and insight to an already musical sound. Want the best value on the market? This is it.” — What Hi-Fi

“The Rega Brio remains the budget amp to beat at its price point, it may not win the features war but it is hands down the most musically rewarding amplifier in its class. Combine that with its improved aesthetics and a remote control that is big enough not to lose in the couch and you have a piece of kit that offers fantastic value and top light entertainment in a compact container.” — The

“While the other amps bring special talents to the group, the Elex-R delivers the masterclass!” —Group Test Winner, HiFi Choice.

“The Fono MC phono stage is – if anything – even more impressive. It combines superb basic performance with unusual flexibility for a design at this price, making it a go-to design at or anywhere near the asking price” — Hi-Fi Choice