L’ampli de puissance Hegel H30 se taille toute une réputation…

H30Front“This Norwegian powerhouse (375Wpc into 8 ohms) combines the bass control and and dynamic impact of a dreadnought design with the midrange and treble refinement, delicacy, and sweetness reminiscent of a single0ended triode amplifier. The midrange, in particular, is highly vivid and present, with a palpability and directness of expression RH has not heard in an amplifier near the H30’s price.” — The Absolute Sound.

“Although the H30 is the biggest, most expensive product Hegel Music Systems makes, it nonetheless carries on the company’s tradition of high performance and high value — not because it’s cheap, but because it can stand alongside the best amps made, even those costing much more.” — Soundstage.

“La mise en application de quelques circuits propriétaires, dont la technologie SoundEngine, introduit un supplément sensible de véracité sonore qui différencie subjectivement ces électroniques de la concurrence. La fabrication répond aux standards scandinaves de rigueur et de qualité, les spécifications techniques positionnent le préampli et l’ampli parmi l’élite mondiale. De la haute musicalité qui mêle fermeté, douceur et transparence, et qui rappelle par moments celle des tubes.” — Haute Fidélite.

H30 insde“Needless to say the Norwegians (Hegel) aren’t the 8th wonder of the world and the very best SETs for example will have an even more nuanced sound. But here we’re dealing with an amplifier that sells for about half or one third of what I compared it to (and the speakers that performed well with it). It thus took deliberate restraint on my part not to gush with the emotions I encountered during this review.” — 6 Moons.