Zesto Bia 120 – Un amplificateur exceptionnel

Zesto_Audio_Bia_120_1_BigZesto Audio introduit son tout premier amplificteur de puissance, le Bia 120. Ce nouvel ampli développe une puissance de 60 Watt par canal en pure Class A avec une structure de type Push-Pull Ultra Linéaire et une alimentation double mono est très soignée. Malgré le peu de temps qu’il est disponible sur le marché, le Bia bouleverse tous ceux qui l’écoute ! Prix suggéré : $17 640.00.

Groundbreaking! Powerful! Huge dynamics! Distortion Free! Ultra quiet! More definition than my system has ever produced! Realism at new levels of perfection! Perfect highs, perfect mids, perfect bass! Dimensional without boundaries! Micro dynamics are spectacular! Faster than any tube amp ever! Textural cues are perfection! Most neutral tube amp ever created! Best imaging of any amp at any price. Unequaled clarity. Gigantic soundstage. Impossible to distinguish whether tube or solid state!

Most important tube amp produced in a generation! MSRP is grossly undervalued with performance equal to or exceeding $50,000 amplifiers! Beautiful styling and very fine fit and finish! Not too large and not too heavy at 66 pounds! A Bonafide Masterpiece! That’s right. What George delivered to me to review was not just another very fine piece of Zesto gear to match his excellent efforts to date. What he delivered to me was the best tube amp I have heard in 50 years. Actually, it is the best amp, tube or solid state, I have heard in 50 years. …That it costs $12,500 US is a boon to audiophiles everywhere, and a minor miracle. What a value!”
Positive Feedback.

Is the Bia perfect? Well, of course, nothing’s perfect, but no matter what I threw at it, I couldn’t make it sound anything less than beautiful. …the Bia is the only amplifier costing more than $10k that I’ve heard that I might actually consider buying for the sheer love of the way it makes almost every recording I have sound beautiful. … This is the kind of design around which passionately enthusiastic cults form…” The Absolute Sound.