Zesto Audio Leto (préampli)

“…as I observed of the Andros, the really distinguishing characteristic of the Leto is a wonderful freedom from the usual sorts of sonic hype and electromechanical artifacts. …a naturaleness that soon becomeleto-1-5-final-web
s quite addictive is the order of the day with this preamplifier, though it is also lively in its dynamics and lifelike in its vividness and vitality. No wonder the Zesto rooms have turned up so often on the “best sound” lists of recent audio shows. …I am astonished at the sense of sheer power the Leto is able to convey. …Bass drums, tympani, trombones, tubas, bassoons, doublebasses have truly prodigious weight and definition. …The entire midrange is beyond criticism… The top end? Airy, extended and natural” — The Absolute Sound.

“New from Zesto Audio comes the tubed Leto Preamp, pushing the envelope in value and performance in its price range and beyond. With styling similar to the Andros Phono stage, the Leto is a powerful sounding, highly detailed, fantastically quiet, and superbly musical masterpiece that will complement the finest systems. …the Leto performed like a thoroughbred in every way musical, and was a joy to control and adjust. The fun factor while working with the Leto made me rethink what has been missing in minimalist preamps that cost even more money these days. What a jewel! The Zesto Audio Leto is a killer design to my way of listening and loving recordings, and may just be the preamp you will buy and keep for the very, very long haul. The Leto receives my highest recommendation.” — Positive Feedback.

Prix suggéré : $10 200.00.